Infusing core technolgies with business analysis and creative energy in a seemless process that grows from an idea to a solution.

The Framework for Success

Good planning, from the beginning to the end, is imperative to the overall success of a project, whether it be large or small. Pursuing a synergistic process that integrates business thinking, creative energy, and technological capabilities allows IONA to produce effective solutions. We pride ourselves in the ability to help our clients not only follow a specific process which leads to deadlines being met, but also allows us to focus our energies on perfecting the product we are delivering.

The following lists the framework which IONA has developed to allow our clients, IONA members, and strategic partners to implement the solution’s strategy, creative, technology and experience practices synergistically. The end result is a scalable product superseding the client’s and users’ expectations.



Vision and Strategy Development

Creating a vision and direction for a brand and/or digital project, starts with the understanding of the client’s core services, products, target audiences, driving forces, culture, market, competitors and trends. Through research and documentation of the strategy, a project mission statement is formed along with the objectives, scope, and technical requirements. This expands into the creative brief. The creative brief is the core definition IONA works from to create the look and feel of the brand and/or digital project. It is imperative that we understand our client’s business, where it’s headed, goals, business strategies, opportunities, the industry, competition, customers, prospects, strengths and weaknesses. This information will allow us to design a strategy and solution conveying the image and positioning our clients seek and providing value to the site visitor.

Creative Development

Once the project has been sufficiently defined and both the client and the creative team have approved the creative brief, we can begin the initial creative process that culminates into brand concepts and/or digital concepts. Through the process of looking outside the box, we create concepts that will push our clients to think in greater detail and reach farther away from the comfortable status quo. Through processes of elimination, discussion, review of the creative brief, and back checking work completed in the strategy process, the team proceeds with a clear creative vision that not only meets the future market place of our client but supersedes the expectation of competitors. It is always important to note that the process must be adhered to in order to meet deadlines and remain within budget. Therefore, the creative process is driven with an analytical approach that continually evaluates the return on investment.




The production phase of a brand strategy project will range from the creation of the brand book to print production. In contrast, the production of a digital project is often much longer and requires many more team members for the end solution. Digital production includes tasks and micro-phases that include the following:

  • Wire frame review and approval
  • Information architecture review and approval
  • Content reviews and approvals
  • Photo asset review, procurement, and photo shoots
  • Info-Graphic review and approval
  • SEO best practices, review, and management
  • Social Media assets, editorial calendar, and management
  • Custom application development
  • CMS development and tool creation
  • Prototyping

Beta Phase & Launch

Once the beta phase has been released, IONA and the client review all facets of the solution to ensure it has met the initial goals. Changes are at times required before the site is moved into final testing and launch. Launching a digital experience is only the beginning. The steps to follow, allow the website to grow and evolve with our company’s business. At the bare minimum, this means your company’s digital communications must be up-to-date. IONA works with clients to create the maintenance plan and software and hardware management to provide stable digital environments that last.

IONA is known for partnering with clients for decades. IONA is viewed as a part of our client’s success and not just as a vendor. Therefore, every project and client we take on is a key element of our business that drives us to our success.

We look forward to learning about you. Let us know how we can help.


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