We all seek to communicate

in the colors of an online experience, the images of your branding campaign, and the fonts selected for the body copy. What is your company communicating?

DESIGN - branding • interactive • information

We are talking good design – fragile elements combined to result in the creation of a solution that has results to a company’s bottom line.

Brains Driving Creativity

IONA is a thought-driven environment knowing no barriers when it comes to achieving creative solutions and technical quality. Whether your company is creating a print campaign, a web experience, or moving its legacy applications to the web, IONA provides dynamic and creative solutions. IONA’s strength is our synergy of creativity, astute design and technology. We’ve already established a reputation for providing dynamic solutions that meet our clients’ business needs. IONA has a reputation for great service – we complete projects on time, within budget and with complete commitment.

Our design services begin with the creative process. We believe if creativity does not inspire a consumer to take action, it is not creative. This is why we do not begin the creative process without a thorough discovery phase. This phase allows us to understand the strategy, competitors, and branding requirements of the project. We strive to understand our client’s business goals and objectives through the process of listening and exchanging ideas. We then concept, design, and develop creative solutions that communicate our client’s vision.

Design Disciplines

With these design disciplines combined, IONA provides design services encompassing the following solutions…

It’s essential for all companies to encapsulate core attributes and communicate these visually in a consistent way. Through corporate identity, collateral, digital experience, and back-office systems, IONA offers consulting and development to solidify your brand identity.

A good brand strategy is where a good brand starts. IONA and the client go through a discovery phase allowing the project team to understand a client’s core services, products, target audiences, driving forces, culture, market, competitors, and trends. With a brand strategy complete, the creative process begins to create a brand unique to the market and its competitors. This brand results in the logo mark, brand identity book, collateral, and digital projects that cohesively bind each communication’s medium into one brand and message. Learn More…

Whether your needs fall into digital branding experience , e-commerce, software user interface development, or a web application, your audience’s experience will exude your business image. IONA offers the ability to provide creative and interactive experience design that is meaningful and valuable to your audience and follows your business and marketing goals.

Though we have produced award winning design, this is not enough for our clients to succeed in the interactive world. IONA is required to excel not only at design, but many other facets of an interactive project: strategy, development, search engine optimization, hosting, and maintenance. These various services allow IONA to offer a true end-to-end solution for our customers. We are more than capable of offering just one or a few of these services; but, we find our customers are better served when leveraging the full offerings of IONA and its partners. Learn More…

Information design is found throughout the digital world through information-based websites, social media, e-commerce systems, and online applications. Regardless of the application, information design is what allows your audience to get the information they are looking for and to create conversion of your user from a viewer to a customer. With clear, effective visual and contextual information, users can be made into customers, patients, and/or clients. Information design involves a multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to communication, combining skills from graphic design, technical and non-technical authoring, psychology, communication theory and cultural studies. Learn More…
Digital communications are essential, but so are print materials and advertising. Your target audience needs the materials received by mail and available at point of purchase to present compelling information allowing them to make sound decisions and to understand your company. Depending on your business; business cards, brochures, stationary, post cards, rack cards, billboards, and ad placements  may be essential for your audience to learn more about your services and/or products. The quality of these materials must reflect the brand your company exudes and reflect the same experience your audience can expect with your services and/or products.

IONA’s years of experience in brand management give our clients the graphic design, communications, and print management services needed to have a brand that is cohesive from digital to print. Through IONA’s in-depth discovery phase and brand strategy work, IONA assists its clients with a start to finish solution. Learn More…

Brand Identity

Bringing consistency and clarity to your identity every time it is in contact with your target market.

Digital Design & Mngmt

Bringing meaningful, creative, interactive, and valuable design to your audience.

Information Design

Bringing simplicity to complex information for the defined target market and, in turn, create conversions.

Print Design & Mgmt

Creating strategic, memorable and tangible print campaigns to your target audience.

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