The clear and effective process of communicating using visual and contextual information.

The Art & Science of Understanding the User

Information design is about the clear and effective presentation of information. It is an art and science of understanding the user and their knowledge base of web experience, an understanding of language, and awareness of the context which information is provided. Information design is found throughout the digital world on information based websites, social media, e-commerce systems, and online applications. Regardless of the application, information design is what allows your audience to get the information they are looking for and for you to convert each user into a customer. By presenting clear, effective visual and contextual information, users can be made into customers, patients, and/or clients.

Information design involves a multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to communication, combining skills from graphic design, technical and non-technical authoring, psychology, communication theory and cultural studies.

Good information design must be thought of as a three dimensional space which should allow its user to move through the space as the information designer intends them to; but, based on the fact humans can be unpredictable, should also be designed knowing its user will not always follow. Whether complex information needs to be made easier to understand, or tailored to the needs of a specific ‘specialist’ or cultural community, information design can be employed by understanding the user.

Let’s Do Our Homework

Information design is based on real research. IONA and the client go through a discovery phase which allows the project team to understand how the user will interact with the system. Understanding the needs of the target audience and the needs of the client will create a satisfying experience for the target audience and a return on investment for the client. IONA asks the questions needed to make sound decisions. IONA brings a knowledge of human experience and the ability to research your target market into providing a solution that will meet or exceed your users’ expectations. Recognizing that each company is very different, we follow a proven process model with each of our clients:

  • Understand the market and the competitors
  • Understand the target market
  • Understand the target market behavior within and outside of the market
  • Understand the company’s competitors and market trends
  • Understand the technical requirements

With a full understanding of the user’s and the client’s goals, the creation of the information design can begin. This process will include documentation, wire frames, sketches, and content outlines. In turn, the result will be step by step processes for which we will present how users move through the system IONA will be creating.

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