Creating unique, compelling, and memorable brands using a thought-driven brand stratagy.

Creating Memorable Brands

It’s essential for all companies to encompass core attributes and to communicate these visually in a consistent way. Through corporate identity, collateral, digital experience, and back-office systems, IONA offers consulting and development for your brand identity.

Every time a customer or potential customer is in contact with a company, the visual identity, message, and voice need to be consistent. Customers are bombarded by information from mass mailings, orders, phone calls, invoices, and digital content every second of every day. If your company is not consistent in its visual and content message, be rest assured your company has lost an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your current or potential customer. For this reason, IONA offers a full range of brand strategy, design, and production services and often teams up with search engine optimization consultants, advertising firms, marketing firms, writers and media buyers to communicate your company’s message effectively.

IONA has a reputation of working very well with other teams to produce intelligent strategies and campaigns to reach each medium a company is required to communicate through. In this way, your identity is consistent and clear each end every time it is in contact with your target market.


A Brand Starts with a Strategy

A good brand strategy is where a good brand starts. IONA goes through a discovery phase with clients,  allowing the entire project team to understand a client’s core services, products, target audiences, driving forces, culture, market, competitors, and trends. Recognizing each company is very different, we follow a proven process model during the discovery phase:

  • Understand the market and the competitors
  • Understand the target market
  • Understand the target market behavior within and outside of the market
  • Understand the company’s competitors and market trends
  • Understand the company culture

With a brand strategy complete, the creative process begins to create a brand unique to the market and its competitors. By reaching into the minds of the target audience, IONA can communicate fully a company’s image and voice through a brand that includes a logo mark, color palette, font usage, print layout templates, and brand requirement documentation.


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