Taking a brand to all tangible facets of a company's business.

Bring a Brand to Reality in Print

It’s essential for all companies to encapsulate core attributes and communicate these in a consistent way through their brand. IONA offers consulting and development to bring a brand into collateral, advertising materials, and print publications.

The creative, design, and printing process is everything to the success of a print project. We pride ourselves in the ability to help our clients not only follow a specific process which leads to deadlines being met, but allows us to focus our energies on perfecting the products we deliver.

The creative brief is the core definition we work from to create the look and feel of a print project. Once the project has been sufficiently defined and both the client and the creative team have approved the creative brief, IONA begins the initial design process that will create the most unique and strategy driven concepts. We create at least three concept designs to be presented to the client for consideration, selection, and modification.

It’s All about the Process

When a concept has been agreed upon and signed off by the client, we design the remainder of the project. During this process content which is a part of the project is developed and designed.

Taking the fully approved design, IONA implements the necessary task to prepare the files for Press. This includes, purchasing of final imagery, alteration of high-resolution files, and delivery of final files to press. IONA works directly with the printer during this process to provide quality assurance during blue line review, contact proofs, and press checks.

Project closure includes receipt of the final product from the printer, delivery of a final digital copy of the project to the client, and archival of the project.


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