You focus on your business. We will focus on management and up-time of your applications.

Step 2. Maintenance and Management

Getting a website launched is only the first step. The steps to follow allow the website to grow and evolve with your company’s business. At the bare minimum, this means your company’s digital communications must be up-to-date. IONA works with clients to create the maintenance plan and software and hardware management to provide stable digital environments that last. At the base of maintenance, IONA provides core, theme, plugin, patch, and malware monitoring to prevent security breaches and to take advantage of new and improved technology. The following outlines the basics of application maintenance:


  • All Updates (Core, Themes, Plugins) to allow the site to stay up-to-date and not become obsolete, resulting in thousands of dollars in a lump sum emergency rebuild when out-of-date software inevitably will fail.
  • Compatibility Support (Plugins & Themes) to allow for identification of compatibility issues and any programming necessary to remedy potential issues during software updates.
  • Malware Monitoring/Clean Up. Preventative measures to reduce chances of hacks. Should hacks occur, the ability to identify and fix data before Google indexes occur on the site.

Hosting and Server Management

IONA offers hosting solutions ranging from shared server environments for small businesses to private servers and co-located servers for large businesses. Our commitment to maintenance and management of our server environments is at the heart of IONA’s business. IONA provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week hosting and management services. Key characteristics of our hosting and management solutions are:

  • Planned Maintenance: Planned maintenance allows IONA to perform general and/or preventive maintenance to servers through a planned, monitored, and clearly communicated process.
  • Backups & Restores: A customized backup rotation schedule will be created to allow for full backups and incremental backups based on the needs of the client. Restoration service is available if data should need to be restored due to loss or corruption.
  • Security Breach: IONA offers re-installation of the hosting server’s hardware devices, operating system, applications and/or databases as required by a security breach. IONA implements proactive intrusion detection software to protect the client’s services against interruption due to a security breach. In order to proactively detect and expediently act upon potential incidents, IONA maintains a constant and automatic monitor of the client’s services.
  • Hardware Restoration: IONA provides hardware failure service and maintenance that typically can be restored within 48 hours. In such cases, IONA offers a keen analysis of failure points and the documentation of any needed upgrades to systems and networks for future prevention.

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