Digital Branding


Website Redesign


Application Development


Site Management

The Challenge

GenoPath is leading the way in personalized medicine by providing medication management to patients, physicians, and pharmacist.

GenoPath approached IONA will the need to revolutionize the digital experience. Through an integrated digital brand strategy, IONA provided the following…

  • Conceptual development of the look and feel of a the online experience
  • Digital management and consulting for client-side management
  • Online development of the digital experience through flexible template
  • Social media integration
  • Dynamic development of content management system


Mobile Site for a Mobile Audience

Mobile Refresh

Through the integration of a digital experience that is design and developed with the end-user in mind, the site was developed to optimize in a responsive manner for tablet and mobile users.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Through a detailed review of content assets, IONA and the Marketing Manager created and worked with leadership to create the content vision of the site.

Understanding the User

GenoPath is one company that has three very district audiences of patients, physicians, and pharmacist. To allow for the greatest communication with each audience, extensive research and understanding of the business strategy was imperative.

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