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The Challenge

Soulseeds asked for the expertise of IONA to create the brand, online community, e-commerce, and branded products through innovative design and technology.

IONA worked with Soulseeds to create the brand strategy and digital strategy needed to begin the process of defining the objectives, scope of work, competitors, target audiences, and benchmarks for success. Through this process, Soulseeds was able to clearly envision the tactical goals, objectives, product development requirements, budgets, and timelines needed for success.



Creating a Digital Strategy

IONA created a space for Soulseeds that achieved the following digital strategy as was defined for the project:

  • Allow users to understand the full offerings through captivating content
  • Implement technology to receive affirmations by email and phone
  • Implement technology to offer subscribers level-of-subscription services
  • Implement free affirmation disbursement to non-subscribers weekly
  • Create community-based content tools, that are easy to share
  • Create a member’s space with personal journal tools
  • Create daily blog-based spaces that are organized for easy access by users

The Solution

Through the environment, subscribers are able to share and gather spiritual connection with like-minded people through a variety of blogs and daily affirmations.

IONA created the Soulseeds brand, digital experience, and online community using a variety of skill sets. These include the following:

  • brand and digital strategy consulting
  • print design & management
  • astute online branding and digital design
  • robust asset management system development
  • leading edge custom content management development
  • site management and host management


  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75% 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60% 60%

Creating a Community

Creating an online community requires the relentless management and support of its sponsor. Online community members always seek affirmation of their need and purpose within the community. It is important that this is continually addressed and measured by the give and take of content and offering of the sponsor. is one of those communities that continues to dig deeper in the creation of content that is, not only captivating, but so personal that it intrinsically calls upon its users to share more of themselves with the larger community and the world in turn. See for yourself…

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